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Art Direction/Styling

Welcome to my exploration into the world of Styling and Art Direction. Through sourcing and recycling materials and props, with no budget, an iphone and the help of friends, I created a series of shoots that visually invite you into my mind and the narratives it creates. 

Shark's First Day Of School
Art Direction, Styling, Photography and Editing by Alivia Ryder
Models: Jodie Yates and Maisie Wolstenholme 
Shark head by Alivia Ryder and Ruby Aston 

The single alien mother and her child didn't know quite what  to expect when their ship crashed on Earth but they decided to give human society a go. Unfortunately, no school uniform could mask that the child has a shark head, leading to an eventful and frustrating journey to school...

Garden Of Eve

Art Direction, Styling, Photography  and Editing by Alivia Ryder

Model:  Eve Wilson


A Portrait series exploring and exaggerating the miscellaneous objects that tell the story of Eve. Visually narrating who she is and the habitat she exists in. 


Freaky Season
Art Direction, Styling, Set Design, Photography and Editing by Alivia Ryder
Makeup by Phoebe Smith
Lighting Design by Ethan Wells
Phoebe Smith

Oops...She didn't like him much anyways...

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